Swim Ireland is delighted to announce the development of the NEW Open Water Pathway Training Programme, which has been developed to provide experienced club swimmers an opportunity to familiarise themselves and learn the skills of open water swimming. These programmes will be a 6 or 8 week programme delivered by experienced club coaches who have knowledge in delivering pool and open water-based sessions.

The programme is a development programme supporting swimmers who have competed in a 800 or 1500m pool event or the same distance Open Water event, and has following aims:

  • Encourage pool-based club swimmers to sample the sport of open water swimming.
  • Provide a basis for multiple ages to compete at open water events across multiple distances.
  • Increase the number of swimmers entering competitive open water swimming events.

Swimmers will get a chance to enjoy the open water and help them acclimatise to swimming outdoors with the ultimate goal of swimming at the Swim Ireland Regional and National Open Water Championships.

All swimmers taking part in these sessions will need to be experienced club swimmers who have evidence of swimming 800 or 1500 metre races at either a club, regional or national competition. All swimmers must be aged 13 or over and registered with a Swim Ireland club. These sessions are NOT for inexperienced swimmers who are only learning to swim.

We will have more exciting news regarding national and regional open water events.

With a wide range of locations and dates, please see below for more information and details:



What do I need?

You will need:

  • Googles suitable for open water swimming
  • A bright yellow, orange, pink or green silicone swimming hat
  • Extra layers to keep warm afterwards
  • Any other equipment or clothing you normally use for open water


  • Ear plugs to prevent surfers ear
  • Changing robe to make it easier to get changed
  • Waterproof bag or plastic bag to keep things dry on shore
  • Wetsuit to keep you warm during the session
  • Tow-float