Many Swimmers. Many Strokes. One Island.

Our Learn to Swim programme will empower and inspire children to challenge themselves on their own personal journey of learning to swim.

The curriculum encompasses a range of teaching methodologies with a real focus on repetitive, accurate and quality practice with elements of guided discovery.

The programme is delivered through structured play, ensuring the lessons are well planned with clear learning outcomes whilst engaging children in fun and relevant activities.

Whether choosing this programme to make sure children are safe in water, to develop and maintain their aquatic fitness or with future Irish medals in mind – Swim Ireland’s Learn to Swim Programme will deliver.

Core Aquatic Skills

Aqua Skills Level 1 & Level 2

In Aqua Skills Level 1 and Level 2, Core Aquatic Skills are introduced, reinforced and consolidated, whilst developing water confidence. These skills are made up of Entries and Exits, Submersion and Aquatic Breathing, Rotation, Floatation, Streamlining, Sculling, Movement and Propulsion and Co-ordination and Balance, and will lay the foundation for the development of stroke technique.

Develop Efficient Swimmers

We are your consultants and skilled collaborators

These later stages build on the Core Aquatic Skills of the first two levels, encouraging the development of body position, leg action, arm action, breathing and timing of all four competitive strokes. The practices encouraged in these levels will develop efficient swimmers and individuals who will understand the aquatic environment and be equipped to maintain their own safety for longer.

How we do it

Learn to Swim Passport

As a Swim Ireland accredited Swim School, your three-year partnership agreement provides you with;

  • A choice between Passports and Certificates to reward your swimmers
  • 1 x 6 hour CPD in Year 1 – CPD: Learn to Swim
  • 1 x Standard Swim Ireland CPD Seminar in Year 2 and in Year 3 (Swim Ireland CPD Menu)
  • Banner for your facility
  • Marketing support through social media, use of Swim Ireland Logo and template letters, posters and banners
  • Quality assurance visits and support with Swimming Teacher Development
  • Ongoing technical support from the Swim Ireland Education Team
  • A visit from Purple Ray to launch your programme