Swim Ireland Launch 2020-2022 Safeguarding Report

Swim Ireland is delighted to launch the latest Safeguarding Report, covering the period September 2020 to June 2022 – the second such report to be published by Swim Ireland, setting out standards and measures within the organisation to ensure a safe, secure and encouraging environment for young people.

The report covers almost two full seasons of our sport, in what was universally the most challenging environment for young people.

The report details the measures and high standards in place, along with the achievements and adherence to these by those working with young people. Furthermore, the report highlights the initiatives in Swim Ireland for engaging and working with young people to enhance their enjoyment of our sport.

In the Safeguarding Report 2020 – 2022, Swim Ireland covers all aspects of the safeguarding arena through the three pillars of our Youth Development Strategy – Safeguarding, Ethics and Youth Development.

Safeguarding is our core business in ensuring a safe environment for young people, which includes 100% compliancy with legal requirements.

Ethics ensures we work together to enshrine young people’s rights in our ethos and culture in all Swim Ireland activities.

Youth Development enables young people to develop beyond their sport through their engagement with Swim Ireland and their sport.

Speaking on the launch, Swim Ireland Head of Safeguarding, Ethics and Youth Development Kate Hills said: Swim Ireland are pleased to release the latest Safeguarding Report 2020 – 2022. The Safeguarding Report highlights the safeguarding measures in place with our volunteers and workforce to create that safe environment for young people.

The Safeguarding Report begins with the start of the season in 2020, taking you through to the end of the season in June 2022. These safeguarding standards in Swim Ireland echo throughout the work we undertake and through our engagements with young people at every level of our sport.”

This report is a measure of our standards for all to see, and is a report that is a regular publication of these standards each season.

Swim Ireland Safeguarding Report September 2022 – June 2022