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Sean MacDermott Street Pool

Sean MacDermott Street pool is more than just a pool, it is a place that is woven into the community that is at the heart of the north inner city. It is a place that is made for everyone, for those who share a love and passion for the water and aquatic lifestyle. It is for the early risers, evening dips and chats with the regulars.

Sean MacDermott Street Pool is the perfect place for those learning to swim, looking to improve their skills, or wanting to join a team, this pool caters for everyone. Our qualified and professional swim instructors will guide you every step of the way on your journey, while our facilities and equipment will ensure your comfort and safety.

Swim Ireland has partnered Dublin City Council to bring this exciting and new project to Dublin’s North Inner City. We recognise the impact the different disciplines of aquatics has on people and communities across the island of Ireland, this is why we want to see Dublin’s North Inner City swimming again.

We aim to get this community back swimming by working with all schools and clubs in the area, with inclusivity, innovation and inspiration at the core to everything we do – this will help us meet the needs of the community. Working with Dublin City Council and the Local Sport Partnership, we are delighted to bring this fantastic resource back to the community again.

We at Swim Ireland are excited to be part of this community and be part of something special. We are energised and proud to give the opportunity of learning to swim, pool time access and various other programmes to this wonderful community, making this pool a part of peoples everyday lives.

Whether it’s school swims, learn to swim programmes, rookie lifeguard courses, or someone looking to stay fit and healthy, Swim Ireland are here to deliver as much as we can, enhancing people’s everyday lives through water.

Booking Information | Learn to Swim

Have you been struggling to get your child into swimming lessons? Swim Ireland will be opening Sean MacDermott Street pool from November and will be introducing our Learn to Swim programme.

Our Learn to Swim Programme is available for children over the age of 4.

If you would like to sign your child up for lessons, here’s what to do:

  1. Identify which Level you wish to Book (See FAQ below for Level information)
  2. Choose your class day and time.
  3. Book and pay
  4. Go Swimming!

Contact for any queries.

Learn to Swim

New Learn to Swim classes are starting 11th January – book now to avoid disappointment.

Book Learn to Swim

Swim for a Mile

What is Swim For A Mile?

SFAM is the perfect opportunity for those who may have swam regularly before and want to rediscover their love for the water. It is for those who are looking to start 2024 off right and challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding environment. This programme is designed for all levels of swimmer and we want the people around Sean MacDermott Street Pool to join us for the 2024 Swim For A Mile Challenge – if you can swim a length, you can swim a mile.

The programme has been designed by expert Swim Ireland coaches with an aim to be adaptable to all levels and styles of swimming. The natural progression week by week, allows everyone to take part and enjoy swimming.

The initiative began in 2013 with thousands of people returning to the pool in the years since to swim a mile. The training program runs from January – March 2024, with the official Swim For a Mile event taking place in April.

SFAM is open to those aged 12 and older.  We also have a half mile (800m) option for those who think the full mile is just out of reach.

Book Now to avoid disappointment!

Public Swims

Public swims are available daily, with one lane available for general swimming during opening hours.

For public swims there is no need to pre-book, just Pay As You Go.

Membership Options

We have recently launched a membership option at Sean MacDermott Street Pool – with both prepaid and monthly payment options.

Become a member today and join the Swim Ireland family


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Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming lessons for children are €50 for a six-week term.

Swimming lessons for adults are €50 for six-week term.

Yes, we have a seating galley overlooking the pool where you can sit and relax during lessons.

We always recommend children start from the age of 4, unless it’s in our parent & toddler group which starts at 6 months old.

We have an online booking system for swimming lessons, public swims, pool hire, lane hire, and school swim can be organised by contacting

You will need a swimsuit or swim shorts, goggles, swim hat, a towel and you can also bring a reusable water bottle on poolside to ensure you stay hydrated!

Our lessons run on Thursday and Friday from 3:30-5:30 and Saturday 9:00-1:00.

Level 1 = 6

Level 2 = 8

Level 3 = 8

Level 4 = 10

Level 5 = 12-14

There are both male and female changing facilities available with fully operational toilets and showers.

There is also an accessible shower and toilet if required.

Yes, you can reschedule your swimming lesson up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Please visit our website and go to “My Bookings” to make a change.

What level is my child?

When deciding which level to book your child into, always keep in mind that it is much better to move your child up a class because what they are doing is too easy, than moving them down because it is too difficult.

A negative experience caused by fear can damage their confidence and be much harder to overcome and as such will hamper progress.

Being at ease and relaxed, where a child feels comfortable, will allow them to feel safe, they will feel proud of themselves, and this will only enhance their learning experience.

When selecting the level of class for your child, and you have any doubt at all, choose the lower level – Swim Ireland will always move your child up to the next level if they are in the wrong class or the activities are too easy for them.

This level is for complete non-swimmers, your child may not have done swimming lessons before, be a minimum of 4 years old, normally children at this level will be nervous of putting their face in the water and uncomfortable when they are out of their depth or without parental support.

This level is for beginners who can move around the pool wearing arm bands or swim discs, your child will learn to be safe without any floatation aids, will learn to move under the water and on top of the water.

By the end of this level your child will be able to float unassisted on their front and their back and be able to move through the water over 5 metres.

This level is for children who can submerge under the water and float on their front and their back without any artificial aids or any physical support from an Assistant Swimming Teacher.

Your child will be able to move comfortably but won’t have any specific stroke technique. By the end of this level your child will be able to show basic kicking action of all four strokes, hold a streamline position and be in a position to keep themselves water safe.

This level is for children who can show kicking action of all four strokes and will begin to learn the arm action and develop their technique over 10 metres

Level 5 is for children who have the ability to swim effective front crawl and backcrawl arm actions, can demonstrate effective 10m front crawl with bilateral breathing and 10m backcrawl with good technique. In Level 5 children will continueto develop further stroke technique for front crawl, backcrawl and breaststroke legs and arms actions.

Part of Dublin's Cultural & Sporting Heritage

About Sean MacDermott Street Pool

Built in the 1979, Sean MacDermott Street Swimming Pool is an integral part of the community and remains part of Dublin’s cultural and sporting heritage. The pool has been a popular venue for local residents and community groups over the years, it has also hosted national and international swimming events. The pool has featured on screens, both big and small, such as The Commitments and The Snapper. The pool provides a valuable service to the local community, providing a much-needed resource in the north inner city, the pool promotes physical and mental well-being, as well as giving the community an opportunity to learn to swim, an important life skill.

The pool also celebrates the legacy of Sean McDermott, who was a passionate swimmer and a patriot. The pool is a symbol of resilience and hope for the future.

Sean MacDermott Street Pool Timetable

Opening Hours

Tuesday: 9.00am-5.30pm
Wednesday: 9.00am-7.00pm
Thursday: 9.00am-7.00pm
Friday: 7.00am-8.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am-5.00pm
Sunday: 9.00am-3.00pm
Monday: Closed

For queries please contact