Swim Ireland Open Water Series Details

The Open Water Series focuses on getting out, being active and completing your own personal challenge. Some have a competitive element and prizes, but we welcome those who also want to take it at their own pace.

Our OPEN WATER SERIES, will showcase all that is great about Open Water Swimming.

You can choose wetsuit, or no wetsuit, and for all events you have the option of wearing a tow-float to help you feel that bit more confident.

There is something for everyone from short non-competitive participation events, to longer competitive swims for those looking for a challenge. The longer events are also suitable for those who are at their own pace.

Age limits apply to some of the events, see the links below.

Challenge and Competitive Events – €10 to €45

Swiminkids Events – €10

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How to Enter

Swim Ireland uses Eventmaster to register for Events and Programmes:

  • Click on Event/Programme you would like to enter.
  • Go Membership portal will open in new tab:
  • If previously logged in, sign in using your email and password
  • If not previously logged in, sign up. Remember email and password as this will be used when booking future events and programmes.

No. Wetsuits are recommended, particularly for those just getting started in open water, but it’s your choice if you want to wear one or not.

Some Swim Ireland Open Water Events require you to wear a tow-float for safety purposes. Check the event booking link for requirements.

Yes! Some events require them to be worn, but in events that don’t require tow-floats, you can also choose to wear one.

Absolutely not! All our events welcome newcomers and those who just want to enjoy the scenery, or gain experience. Some events are completely non-competitive. In the ones that are competitive, we will have wave starts, or ensure those who want to race for the prizes are at the front.

If you are comfortable swimming the distance continuously in a pool or in open water then you are very welcome to take part!

Some events have time cut-offs, but these are purely for safety purposes and are set very generously to give everyone the best chance of completing their challenge at their own pace.

Our non-competitive/participation swims are challenge events. They are designed for beginners to gain experience of swimming a distance and in an Open Water Event.

They are still timed for safety and personal interest purposes, but there are no prizes for fastest swimmers. Many of these events have spot prizes and raffles instead.

The only difference is that in a race there are prizes for the fastest swimmers in certain categories. That doesn’t mean everyone in the event is going to be competing or swimming super fast.

Yes! If you are comfortable swimming the distance continuously in a pool or in open water, then you are very welcome to swim any of our events.

You should have swum the distance you are intending to swim in the event since June 2023. This should have been continuously in the pool or open water – and can include short breaks.

Some of our swims do have safety cut-off times – the maximum time allowed to swim the event. These are always generous, but if you have concerns, email participation@swimireland.ie to check.

All of our 2023 Open Water Events are open to non-members aged 16 or older. Some of our events that are also open to swimmers aged 12-15 years require those younger swimmers to be Swim Ireland Club Members.

All our swims have experienced safety personnel on the water watching you at all times. If you have any problems at all, raise one fist into the air and someone will quickly come to assist. If you cannot raise your fist, lay on your back and float – don’t worry, breathe deeply, someone will be along to help soon.

Yes. The majority of Swim Ireland’s Open Water Events, even non-competitive events are chip-timed. You will be able to get those times from this page after the event.

Want some Open Water tips?

Swim Ireland’s Me and the Water microsite offers members Open Water tips and training plans, as well as forums and groups to connect with other swimmers. We’ve also got an interactive Swim Spots Map.

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