Swim Ireland coaching and teaching courses require a practical for candidates to gain experience and to be assessed by the Swim Ireland Tutor Assessor.

The number of hours per course will vary depending on the level and type of qualification.

The Swim Ireland Education team are always open to new facilities and clubs hosting a course, should they have a suitable facility, the required number of hours and participants at the correct level.

Qualification Information

Swim Ireland coaching and teaching qualifications are broken down into three steps, which are completed in order:

  • Online Module
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Practical

More information on the Qualification Timeline

Club/ Facility Requirements

In advance of confirming a course the Education team will seek to understand the following:

  • Number of continuous hours available in one session (generally 3-4 hours recommended)
  • Number of teaching stations (Teaching Swimming), lanes (Coaching Swimming), pool space and depth (Coaching Water Polo/ Diving)
  • Number of participants (swimmers/ players/ divers)
  • Ability of participants

This enables us to match the course with the facility or club. For example – your club/ facility may not have enough hours or range of participant ability to cater to a Level 2 course but would be suitable for a Level 1 course.

More information on pool requirements

Yes, it is possible to organise and host a full course within a club/ facility.

This is called a blended course.

Course candidates would still complete the online module first, but the classroom and practical elements of the course would run concurrently within a facility/ club.

You will need to have a room that can be set up as a typical classroom, with the following:

  • Table and chairs for each course candidate and Swim Ireland Tutor Assessor
  • Adequate ventilation and lighting in the classroom
  • Electrical sockets and a plain wall or screen to project onto
  • A projector is an advantage but not required.

Courses must be registered a minimum of 8 weeks in advance. Given the high demand we currently have for courses we recommend allowing 16 weeks lead time when organising a course.

This enables the Education team to recruit a Swim Ireland Tutor Assessor, advertise the course, and ensure course candidates meet the Vetting NVB/ Access NI requirements.

Depending on the type of course, there may also be restrictions on completion of other course elements (online module and virtual classroom).

No, it does not cover your staff.

All organisations are required to complete their own vetting checks, this is a legal requirement within the Republic of Ireland, and a Swim Ireland rule in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

We generally suggest allowing at least four weeks to complete vetting in advance of a course commencement.

More information on Vetting

By hosting a course, you are enabling your staff/ club members to engage in a teaching or coaching qualification in their local area, reducing the time spent away from their employment or club environment.

It also provides an opportunity to attract new teachers and coaches into your facility and club when you promote the course offerings within your locality.

Swim Ireland can also offer financial benefits to facilities and clubs who are willing to host a course in their facility/ club:

Level 1 – One full free place or two free places on practical

Level 2 – One full free place or two free places on practical

Free places value depends on whether a blended or practical only course is being held