Learn a lifesaving skill and gain a sport for life

We all have a relationship with water, and you are never too old or too young to learn to swim.

At Swim Ireland, we support the industry by educating facilities and teachers in best practices for all ages and through our two big learn to swim initiatives – the Swim For A Mile Challenge for adults and the Swim Ireland Learn to Swim Programme for children.

Empower & Inspire your Child

Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy

Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy Partners are located across the island of Ireland. These partners deliver the Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy for children.

This Programme will empower and inspire your child to challenge themselves on their own personal journey of learning to swim. It is delivered through structured play, ensuring the lessons are well planned with clear learning outcomes whilst engaging your child in fun and relevant activities.

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Weekly Training Sessions

Adult's Learn To Swim

Swim Ireland’s Swim For A Mile Challenge and associated weekly training sessions are suitable for anyone who can swim two lengths of a 25m pool. If you can swim a bit, we can help you swim a mile in 12 weeks and become a more confident swimmer for the rest of your life!

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Supportive Swimming Lessons

Learn To Swim Through Sports Partnerships

Swim Ireland works with Local Sports Partnerships across Ireland to help provide adult swimming lessons for people of all ages who want to enjoy the water more in a supportive environment.

Find your Local Sports Partnership at the link below and click through to find out what they have coming up.

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