Wading in amongst the horde. Lying flat on my back. Out to the buoy and back.

Open Water swimming caters for all ages and abilities of swimmer. From young splashers to older dippers, and everyone in between.

Swim Ireland works with Sport Ireland’s Local Sports Partnerships, our own swimming and water polo clubs and other organisations to provide Open Water swimming lessons, fun events, and competitive races for all ages and abilities.

Our competitive Open Water races are open to all Swim Ireland Club members, and many are also open to those with Swim Ireland Special Membership.

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Swim Ireland also has a new membership category called Me and the Water, which boasts a range of benefits for Open Water dippers, splashers and swimmers, including training plans, discounts from partners, and an exclusive swim hat.

In Open Water Education, Swim Ireland offers a Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach qualification course, CPD for open water coaches that have already qualified, and Open Water information webinars, in partnership with the RNLI.

Open Water Safety

Open Water Programmes

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Me and the Water

Join our tribe!

This membership option has been created for those who are not Swim Ireland club members, but love to dip their toe, swim out to the buoy and back, enjoy an early morning workout in the pool and being part of a community who have a passion for and relationship with the water.

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Open Water Swimming

Safety Tips

  • Understand effect of weather & tides
  • Know the signs of hypothermia
  • Bring someone with you
  • Get in slowly to avoid cold water shock
  • Wear a watch to monitor time in water
  • Swim parallel to shore
  • Bring extra layers for after ☕️ and a hot drink, or soup.

Always respect the Open Water, know your own limits and listen to advice from officials regarding weather and water conditions.

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Safety Cover

Safe Supervision Guidelines

If you are planning open water sessions for your club and want to know what safety cover is required and recommended, or you are going to a coached open water session and want to know what safety cover to expect, please review Swim Ireland’s guidelines below.

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