The Manifesto

Many Swimmers. Many Strokes. One Island.

Morning workouts, evening dips, chats with the regulars. The deck, the beach, the baths.

Cheering for your son, your daughter, your old friend. Nearly there, keep going!

Open water. No end of it. Coast to coast. Cold water. High elbows. Close ties.

Whatever your stroke. You are one. Of many. On an island of swimmers.

Our Manifesto, your manifesto

We are united in our love of the water. The early mornings. The after school lessons. The first break of the waves. The tussle for the ball. The little voice that tells us to push on... to get back in the pool, go one more length, get out to the buoy.

What our brand means

From the Olympic swimmer, to the water polo player, to the daring diver, to the casual swimmer and those who take a dip in Dollymount in the summer.

The water means different things to different people, and the ‘An island of swimmers’ brand represents the organisations commitment to empower people in Ireland to actively enjoy swimming and the aquatics indoors and outdoors.

More than the organisation’s logo

We believe in the aquatics. We believe in the value of all the sports that constitute the Swim Ireland family, and we believe that absolutely everyone has a relationship with the water that can be of benefit to them.

Me and the Water Membership

We exist to nurture everyone's relationship with water, and that's why in 2021 we launched our brand new membership category Me and the Water, to provide a community and support for leisure and casual swimmers, dippers and splashers.

The water means different things to different people, and ‘Me and the Water’ represents the organisations commitment to representing all of those who have a relationship with the water.