Swim Ireland are always on the lookout for experienced and knowledgeable coaches and teachers to share their passion and knowledge with the next generation.

To become a Swim Ireland tutor you will need to complete our tutor training programme.

The purpose of the Swim Ireland Tutor Training Programme is to select, train and support new tutors to deliver and assess Swim Ireland Qualifications and CPD.

The Tutor Training Programme is highly competitive. The maximum number of candidates for the Tutor Training Programme is 12, working with two full-time Principal Tutors.

Swim Ireland staff and other selected Swim Ireland Tutors will also be involved in the delivery of this course.

The course will be delivered virtually via zoom with an expectation for Trainee Tutors to attach to a virtual classroom course for final sign off.

Before applying for the programme, it is important that you are aware of the commitment required. All parts of the programme must be attended and completed.

  • Minimum of Level 2 Teaching or Coaching qualification
  • Experience in supporting/ mentoring other teachers or coaches
  • Experience delivering training to adults is an advantage

Applicants will also be required to pass a technical exam and participate in an interview process prior to selection for the tutor training programme.

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Full Cost €1750
Registration Fee (on booking) €50
Instalment 1 €600
Instalment 2 €600
Instalment 3 €500

This covers the full cost of the Tutor training programme including the assessment (training & assessment of all elements of the course, course materials, Swim Ireland Tutor uniform, Tutor resources, attachment, and delivery fees). Additional fees may be required for the purchase of support books.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an essential element of being a successful Open Water Swimming Coach. It is vital to keep up to date with the most current practices and thinking in relation to swimming and aquatics.

CPD helps with career progression and advancement, broadening your knowledge and equipping you with the skills to specialise in specific areas.

It also provides confidence and credibility by ensuring the professional standard of Swim Ireland qualifications are at a consistently high level.

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