Sport Ireland’s National Anti-Doping Programme acts to protect Ireland’s sporting integrity against the threat of doping. More information on Anti-Doping can be found on the Sport Ireland website

As Swim Ireland members, our athletes are all subject to the Sport Ireland Anti-Doping Rules

A list of prohibited substances can be found on the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) website

Athletes should check if any medication they are taking is permitted, particularly during a competition. You can check medication or individual ingredients on the label of a medicine on Medcheck or Eirpharm for those bought in the Republic of Ireland or on Globaldro for those bought outside the Republic of Ireland

Supplement brands should only be used if they have their supplements third party audited by Informed Sport

Any athlete considering taking supplements should read the Swim Ireland Supplement Policy

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

A TUE permits an athlete to use a prohibited substance or method if the substance or method is medically required.

Athletes may be required to apply for pre-test TUE or they may be eligible for a post-test TUE. Check out the Sport Ireland TUE Policy to determine which TUE applies to you.

*In most cases, athletes who are not named on the Sport Ireland/World Aquatics Registered Testing Pools will be eligible for a post-test TUE; even those attending international competitions