Updates and Information on Vetting Procedures

Vetting checks are required every three years for adults and young people aged 16/17 years, working with or responsible for young people in Swim Ireland. (Parent/Carer consent is required for applicants aged 16 or 17 years old.)

It is your responsibility to apply for and/or maintain your vetting credential. Any role you have may be removed if you are not vetted in line with our policy. If you are vetted, you will receive reminders that your credential is expiring – it is your responsibility to act.

There are two vetting processes for Swim Ireland:

National Vetting Bureau (NVB) for relevant activites undertaken in Ireland.

Access NI for relevant activities undertaken in Northern Ireland.

You must check which, or both, is relevant to the activities you are applying for. You will not be permitted to undertake Swim Ireland activities requiring vetting without a valid vetting credential. Details can be found in the Swim Ireland Vetting Policy.

Both systems operate a combined paper and online process – although slightly different. You should read the information below for each and the instructions to be clear on necessary process.

Summary of Instructions DOWNLOAD – all these steps are required

1. Complete your E-Vet application from (revised December 2022) with ALL the requested details; it must be signed by you, the applicant. Printed or copy signatures are not accepted.

E-Vet application form DOWNLOAD

2. Complete Parent/Carer consent form, if required; signed by a parent/carer and included with the application.

Parent Carer Consent Form DOWNLOAD

3. Verify your ID – follow the Instructions for getting this done.

4. Post your forms and documents (do not email). including all the required documents/copy documents as per instructions to:

Swim Ireland Vetting, ISHQ, Blanchardstown, Dublin, D15 DY62

If you have any queries, email vetting@swimireland.ie

You should read the application form with instructions

ANI Summary of Instructions (July 2023) DOWNLOAD – all these steps are required

The Access NI application for an enhanced check is a two-part process – you need to complete the online application first and then the paper form.

1.Create or login to your NIDirect Account (OPEN) and complete the enhanced check application, you will need to use an email address for this.

2. ANI Declaration and Application Form (July 2023) DOWNLOAD making sure the declaration and your 10 digit case number is filled in. You do not need to show the declaration to the person verifying your ID documents, however it must be signed by you.

3. Complete Parent Carer Consent Form DOWNLOAD, if required; signed by a parent/carer and included with the application.

4. Verify your ID by showing yourself and your original ID documents (check Section 3 and Section 4 for what is required) This person MUST complete Section 3 of your application form.

5. Post or email your forms and documents within 21 days including the original application form, copies of your ID documents and if required, the parent consent form to the address on the ANI application form.

Post: Swim Ulster Vetting, Bangor Aurora, 3 Valentine Road, Bangor, BT20 4TH

Email: ruth@swimulster.net

6. Online applications will be removed after 21 days if no correctly completed ANI Declaration and Application Form is received.

If you have any queries email ruth@swimulster.net

Any incorrect forms or applications not meeting the requirements will be rejected and the paperwork returned to the applicant, if relevant. Both processes have legal requirements and these must be met by Swim Ireland.

Please note if you are working in both jurisdictions you will need to undertake both processes.

Access NI applicants can request the Access NI Code of Practice Access NI and Garda Vetting applicants should be aware that a criminal conviction does not automatically bar an applicant from obtaining a position – all decisions are based on the Swim Ireland Vetting Policy.

If you have any questions on the vetting process or requirements please contact the Vetting Department at vetting@swimireland.ie or Ruth (ruth@swimulster.net)