Swim Ireland

Competitions are certified in accordance with the rules and regulations of Swim Ireland and World Aquatics.

Electronic timing system with integrated Meet Management software.

1. Open to all eligible, current Swim Ireland registered competitive members who achieve the qualification standards. Entry Standards must have been achieved in Open Competition (at the appropriate Level of competition) in the period specified and published for each meet.

2. Entries will also be accepted from members of other federations. Members of other federations are required to submit a letter from their club giving them permission to compete. This should be signed by the secretary or head coach. They may be required to verify their age by presenting their passports.

3. There will be a maximum of 2 foreign swimmers permitted to swim in each final unless otherwise specified.

4. Foreign swimmers finishing in the top-3 will receive a commemorative medal unless otherwise specified (for example, the McCullagh International is an Open meet so the top-3 finishers will be the top-3 irrespective of nationality).

Paralympic swimmers will be required to achieve specific standards for their classification in order to enter National Competitions. These standards are published here.

1. Seeding for lane placing will be based on entry times using the Meet Management software.
2. In accordance with FINA regulations the following shall apply:
2.1 When there are two or more heats in an event, there shall be a minimum of three swimmers seeded into any one preliminary heat, but subsequent scratches may reduce the number of swimmers in such heat to less than three.
3. B Finals: There shall be no “B” finals in any events with less than 20 entrants.

It will be a condition of entry that all Irish swimmers must have a valid Swim Ireland Registration No. for the current season. Foreign swimmers are also required to provide proof of membership with their National Federation.

The Team Leaders Meeting will take place before the start of each competition (exact time and location will be advised for each competition in the meet conditions). Attendance at this meeting is mandatory.

Each club must be represented by one or more delegates. A club (not a delegate) attending the meeting may also represent a maximum of one additional club. Any such representation must be declared in writing at the meeting. The representative is authourised to make withdrawals. A fine of €100 will be issued to clubs who fail to attend or are not represented at this meeting.

1. All withdrawals from heats or timed finals on the first day of competition must be made at the Team Leaders Meeting. If a club is not represented at the Team Leaders Meeting and has not previously advised the recorder of their scratches it will be deemed that all swimmers are competing in their entered events. Subsequent withdrawals from heats or timed finals or ‘no show’ on the first day of competition will be subject to a fine. Withdrawals from heats of finals on the second and subsequent days can be made on the previous day at a time to be advised at the Team Leaders Meeting.Withdrawals from heats or timed finals or “no show” after the team leaders meeting or the specified time will be subject to a fine of €50.

2. A swimmer who withdraws outside the specified time limits due to illness or injury will not be subject to a fine in the event that they produce a doctor’s certificate to Swim Ireland within 72 hours after the end of the competition. Once a swimmer withdraws due to illness or injury they will not be eligible to compete in the remainder of the competition.

3. Withdrawals from semi-finals or finals (including reserves) may be made up to 30 minutes from the announcement of the semi-final or final. Withdrawals after this time or “no show” (including reserves) will be subject to a fine of €50.

1. Clubs are permitted to enter more than one relay team per event unless otherwise specified in the relevant meet conditions. The names of the 4 relay team members swimming in the race and the order of swimming must be declared on the official Team Declaration Sheet and submitted to the Recorder no later than 60 minutes (unless otherwise stated) before the start of the session in which the race takes place. Failure to do so will be subject to a fine of €50 and disqualification of the relay team.

2. Entry Times must be submit for each relay

3. The swimmers may change between heats and finals, but all competing swimmers must be entered in the meet (names must appear on the list of athletes on hy-tek). Relay teams that swim in an order that is different from the declared order of swimming shall be disqualified in accordance with FINA Rule SW 10.12.

4. Irish club relays who swim a foreign swimmer on their team will not be eligible to receive an Irish medal and will instead receive a commemorative medal.

1. A Team leader or Club Coach may ask a referee to explain a decision involving a DQ or other matter. Such requests must be made only to the Referee and not to any other meet official. If the team leader or club coach is not satisfied with the explanation he/she may then protest the decision, subject to World Aquatics Rules. Where a Protest is made concerning the outcome of a final then the awards for that event will be held until the Protest is heard. If conditions causing a potential protest are noted prior to the event any protest must be lodged before the signal to start is given. Protests involve a formal procedure and may be made in accordance with World Aquatics Rule GR 9.2. Protests are made to the Referee in writing. A protest may be made:

1.1 If the officials have not observed the relevant World Aquatics and Swim Ireland rules and regulations for the conduct of the competition or have misinterpreted such rules or regulations.

1.2 If conditions endanger the competitors or the competition

2. A protest may be made against a decision of the referee; however, no protest shall be allowed against decisions of fact.

3. The protest must be made within 30 minutes of the end of the event in which the matter giving rise to the protest took place. The protest must be made in writing to the referee, and accompanied by a fee of €50. The referee will either uphold or reject the protest and will give the decision in writing. If the protest is upheld, the fee will be returned and any DQ will be overturned. If the referee rejects the protest the fee is forfeit and any DQ will be confirmed. The rejection or upholding of a protest by the referee may be appealed to a Jury of Appeal whose decision is final. Under World Aquatics Rules the matter ends with the Jury of Appeal.

4. In addition to World Aquatics Rules the Swim Ireland Complaints and Disciplinary Rules shall apply. In all matters arising during the swim meet the responsible person named in the Swim Ireland Complaints and Disciplinary Rules shall be the Competition Manager. Please note exception No. 1.3. (b) “Breaches of any technical provisions of any Competition Rules (other than in respect of eligibility). Such breaches shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of such Competition Rules for Swimming, Water Polo and Diving. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph shall not cause matters outside any technical breaches of any Competition Rules (as may be determined by any Complaints and Disciplinary Body at its discretion) to be excluded from the provisions of these Rules and Procedures;”

4.1 Competition rules shall include World Aquatics and Swim Ireland Rules.

It is a condition of attending a Swim Ireland event that swimmers accept they may be photographed or filmed as part of the occasion, either as an individual or as a member of a group. Swimmers may also appear in a photograph or video inadvertently. Parents and swimmers must accept this. All photography and/or filming must be in accordance with Swim Ireland Guidelines.

All Irish clubs entering National meets may be expected to provide at least one meet official for every three swimmers entered in the session being rostered for. A roster will be issued to competing clubs in advance of the competition. Officials must check-in at least 45 minutes prior to the start of each session (this should be done at the Swim Ireland Information Point) and attend the officials briefing 30 minutes before the session commences. All officials should be qualified to at least Level 1 and should be dressed in white.

Accreditation will be provided for Swimmers, Coaches, Team Managers and Officials and must be worn for the duration of the competition.

It is a condition of attending a Swim Ireland event that swimmers may be required to be tested for prohibited substances in accordance with the Sport Ireland/WADA/World Aquatics Anti-Doping rules. For further information visit the Anti-Doping section of the Sport Ireland website.

1. Warm-up will be mixed unless otherwise published or advised at the Team Leaders Meeting.

2. Morning Sessions: 90 minutes duration – if warm ups are not mixed this will be 45 minutes per gender starting with the gender that competes first in the session

3. Evening Sessions: 60 minutes duration

Please note that the age groupings for all Swim Ireland National Competitions (including Masters) are based on a swimmer’s year of birth with the exception of Schools Competitions.