Learn to Swim, Learn Lifesaving Skills, Learn Aquatic Skills for Life!

The Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy will empower and inspire children to challenge themselves on their own personal journey of learning to swim.

The curriculum encompasses a range of teaching methodologies with a real focus on repetitive, accurate and quality practice with elements of guided discovery.

The programme is delivered through structured play, ensuring the lessons are well planned with clear learning outcomes whilst engaging children in fun and relevant activities.

Whether choosing this programme to make sure children are safe in water, to develop and maintain their aquatic fitness or with future Irish medals in mind – Swim Ireland’s Aquatics Academy will deliver.

Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy Partners

Aquatics Academy Journey Board

Each level has several learning outcomes which are linked to at least one core aquatic skill.

Each learning outcome has progressive teaching practices, games or activities, teaching points and assessment criteria.

Pre-School Aquatics Academy

Junior Aquatics Academy

Senior Aquatics Academy

RLSS Rookie Lifeguard

Rookie Lifeguard Programme

For more information about our RLSS Rookie Bronze contact Alan McCormack – alanmccormack@rlss.org.uk

For more information on the Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy contact Siobhán Molloy.