This course covers the skills needed to effectively plan, deliver, and evaluate a series of open water training sessions.

Course Content

  • The roles and responsibilities of coaching open water swimming
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different types of equipment
  • The different opportunities available to open water swimmers
  • How to plan for open water coaching sessions
  • How to develop session management skills


  • Minimum age to attend this course is 16 years old
  • Candidates must hold Level 2 Swimming Coach qualification
  • Active NVB Vetting/ Access NI
  • Safeguarding Level 1

Prices – Members

(exclusive of credit/debit card payment surcharge of 2%)

Full course €399

Online Module €125

Virtual Classroom €125

Practical €175

Prices – Non-Members

(exclusive of credit/debit card payment surcharge of 2%)

Full course €499

Online Module €149

Virtual Classroom €179

Practical €199

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an essential element of being a successful Open Water Swimming Coach. It is vital to keep up to date with the most current practices and thinking in relation to swimming and aquatics.

CPD helps with career progression and advancement, broadening your knowledge and equipping you with the skills to specialise in specific areas.

It also provides confidence and credibility by ensuring the professional standard of Swim Ireland qualifications are at a consistently high level.

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The Register of Aquatic Professionals (RAP) replaced the traditional Coach/ Teacher Licensing from 1 January 2024.

Swim Ireland qualified coaches and teachers will renew their position on the Register each year on a calendar basis (1 January – 31 December).

RAP recognises the professional nature of the qualifications gained by Swim Ireland coaches and teachers, along with the ongoing development through CPD and maintaining of the Vetting/ Access NI and Safeguarding requirements.

Coaches and Teachers can opt-in to being publicly featured on the Register of Aquatic Professionals on Swim Ireland website, to support employment and other engagement opportunities.

Coaches/ Teachers are required to maintain active vetting and safeguarding credentials.

  • Swim Ireland Teaching or Coaching credential (qualification)
  • 6 CPD points on renewal (requirement waived until 31 January 2024)
  • Active Swim Ireland Safeguarding credential (RAP becomes inactive if Safeguarding credential expires)
  • Active Swim Ireland Vetting/ Access credential (RAP becomes inactive if Safeguarding credential expires)

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