Swim Ireland have recently launched the Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy, providing a structured framework for children to Learn to Swim, Learn Lifesaving Skills, and Learn Aquatic Skills for Life. The Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy is split into three distinct stages, Pre-School is from 6 months old, Junior from 4 years and Senior Aquatics Academy is intended to retain participants until they are 13 years old.

For more information on how to become a partner or to find a partner in your area contact Siobhán at aquaticsacademy@swimireland.ie or check out Swim Ireland Aquatics Academy – Swim Ireland

Interested in becoming a Swimming Teacher? Check out the qualification timeline and more information on Education – Swim Ireland or contact education@swimireland.ie for more detailed information, including funding for anyone who is unemployed or seeking to return to the workforce.

Are you a facility who wants support recruiting and training swimming teachers? We have partnered with Ireland Active and Leisure, Health, and Fitness Skillnet to provide 25% discount on training for Ireland Active members. We also support the advertisement of employment opportunities. Contact education@swimireland.ie for more details.

Seeking swimming lessons and unsure what to expect? We have put together some short FAQ’S:

What qualifications do the swimming teachers have?

We recommend that all Swimming Teachers hold the Swim Ireland Level 2 Swimming Teacher qualification (or equivalent). You may see that some swimming lessons also have Assistant Swimming Teachers, who should be working under the supervision of a Level 2 Swimming Teacher.


How many participants in each swimming lesson?

The ratio of participant to teacher will vary depending on the level they are in. We would recommend that absolute beginners or very young participants are operating between 6-8 participants to 1 teacher. As they progress this may increase incrementally to 12 participants to 1 teacher.


How often do parents/ carers receive feedback?

Many facilities now operate digital platforms, providing ongoing feedback, which is helpful. Otherwise, feedback every 8-10 weeks is helpful to understand how you could support your child to improve.


How often should swimmers move up a level?

Progression in any skill very much depends on the individual. Parents should bear in mind that children develop at different paces, and often when a child goes through a growth spurt or a significant change this can slow their progress. Don’t worry if you child is not moving up a level every few weeks, it’s more important that they are gaining a life skill and enjoying their swimming.


What can parents do if they can’t get their child into swimming lessons?

If you struggle to get you child into lessons or want to support their development, we recommend family swims during public hours in your local pool. Don’t worry about trying to teach them any particular stroke, focus on getting a child comfortable in the water, being able to sink under water and blow bubbles, practising lying on the front or back and standing up again, and generally being able to move in the water. Children will naturally tend towards a doggy paddle type action which is perfectly fine.


Sean MacDermott Street Swimming Pool

There is currently swimming lesson availability at Sean MacDermott Street Swimming Pool. More information and booking available here.


Pop-Up Pools

Further information on our Pop-Up Pools is available here.